Content Guidelines

Business Places India allows customers to add different types of materials, such as opinions, images, video clips, activities, tips, private information, and other. Enjoying awesome is not too tricky, but quite easy; we have put together these common recommendations. Please look on the recommendations below for particular types of materials that you might promote on the site.

Content Guidelines:

Vibrant speeches and visuals are excellent, but there is no essentiality for risks, pestering, lewdness, unexpected conversation, and other shows of bigotry.

Your efforts should be impartial and should not be like attacking. For an instance, you should not provide reviews of your own company, friend’s company, your colleagues or opponents in your industry. Entrepreneurs should not request customers to provide positive opinions.

Keep your content useful and make this site helpful for users. We always wish your cooperation to keep the site clean. Please, only add contents that help users to find out their needs.

Make sure that you are using appropriate contents and writing relevant reviews to help users. Do not use anything that is not relevant to our website.

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